The 3 Top Sports Manager Games Available Now

While it’s easy to sit back and grumble about the plays made on the field, and what the top coaches in various championships and leagues should have done, it’s often a far different thing to run a team of your own and have them work cohesively.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’d perform better than Pep Guardiola, or Phil Jackson, then these sports games are your best bet, and as a bonus, they each operate across all the major gaming platforms.

NBA 2K23

For those with limited bandwidth, who prefer to have something more locally available to play offline, then NBA 2K23 is a great choice since it offers an involved solo storyline in the MyCareer story mode. The side quests and missions are fun to complete, and the coaching time is rewarding.

Overall, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is relatively seamless, and there are numerous NBA teams to pit against each other. From both modern times and popular teams from the past, you can match up numerous combinations.

The NBA 2K23 version comes with a unique Michael Jordan Edition as well as the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions and offers players improved shooting mechanics and a Jordan Challenge mode. With its predecessors having achieved great success in dominating the basketball game market, NBA 2K23 definitely shines as the brightest and best game yet.

Football Manager 23

With the reputation of being some of the toughest, most in-depth, and well-thought-out sports games to date, the Football Manager series has made a great impact with its latest iteration Football Manager 23. This game offers not only great strategic opportunities for building up your squad you also get the challenge of trying to do this all with a very tight transfer budget to work with.

The fun part is the access to the database that has thousands of players’ information and statistics, complete with their current potential as well as going in-depth regarding their playing style. This has revealed some hidden gems to sign for teams in need, such as striker Graziano Pelle, center-back Mateo Musacchio, and left-back Danny Rose.

So if you want to try your hand at creating a Super League team, or are aiming only to take a non-league team up the ranks, you’ll definitely be hooked on this gratifying and visually stunning game.

  1. FIFA 23

A household name that’s as big as the online casino South Africa scene, FIFA has been one of the top gaming staples for sports fans since the early 1990s. And while the engine upgrades haven’t always been smooth since the latest release, FIFA 23 isn’t lacking in speed. It’s available on multiple platforms and is one of the best PC sports gaming choices around. It provides not only a women’s club football option and two FIFA World Cup tournaments but also integrates HyperMotion2 Technology.

While EA has been at the helm of creating the FIFA games for over two decades, the partnership with FIFA ends in the summer of 2023. This means this game is likely going to remain one of the absolute best next-gen tech sports manager games for the next few years.

We can’t wait to see what fresh releases the next few years will bring in the sports manager game niche.