List of Innovative Materials used for Interior Decoration of your house

The rarer the material, the more personal space can be. Unique materials won’t be that fun, and they can support a home converted into a personal appearance of the owner. Bangalore is a modern city in south India, where everything becomes very decorative. If you like to decorate your room in a modern way or contemporary, etc., decorate the room, you need to arrange the crafts, wall painting, sculpture, rugs, fur fillings, etc. Even you can get a different variety of product of Interior designers in Bangalore. Today’s production performances have helped simple materials achieve a cultured project. Other products are tenderfeet, still on the nib of acknowledgement. Here you will see a list of tenderfoot’s products.

Woven resin

Woven 3-D surface wall dealing is existing in different colour possibilities. The perceived woven resin was in business projects but has become more widespread in homes.

3-D gypsum board

Fibre glass-reinforced gypsum board panels come in thatches and are secured to a substrate. For the continuous effect, the seams are mudded and sanded on drywall.

Faux leather

Leather looks like a rubber product with a beautiful physical warmth and is available in three different types: chocolate, black, and Natural. The rubber product is very simple to preserve, and it is very appropriate for cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom.

Stainless steel

Steel has a special ability to fit into any dispositions, from modern and stark to warm and tactile. Stainless steel isn’t cast off just like a metal sheet these days. In new applications, stainless steel parts are allied together like chain mail or interlaced into screens.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is squeezed in between two sheets of glass, which is made of various flat products like a pressed look and high-end look. Coloured glass gives you a beautiful look with this application, too. The mirror is used as a backing for a reflective enclosure in a closet door. If you want to try a new one, try different fabric inlays, frosted glass, or Sapphire glass.

European lamination and Laminated resin

Laminated resins are used as lampshades or dresser door inserts, but you can apply them in a larger-scale project. Recent day laminates copy the texture of faux woods and 3-D effects in assorted colours and metallic outsides.

Textured glass counters

Laminated layers of glass can be constructed up to a few inches thick, with a varied range of textures as the bottom layer. The texture on the bottom produces a pleasing photographic effect and fur any surface scrapes for the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Woven vinyl

Although it’s marketed as a merchandise-grade product, Polyvinyl would give great low-maintenance headboards or kitchen banquette upholstery.

Cork Flooring

Cork as a material, which has been used for more than a few years. The benefits of cork flooring contain good insulation properties, soft texture, aesthetic appeal, and tends to prevent dust and pests. The installation of cork flooring is very easy and simple.


This is the list of innovative interior designs, which decorators around the globe commonly use. Professional experts can handle these.