Kitchen Works Inc has been fueling my new food processor recipes!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve found myself in the kitchen a LOT more. I’ve been working from home since last year, so I’ve had so much more time to try out new recipes and explore new ways of cooking. As I’ve expanded my knowledge I’ve also discovered a whole new world of tools and gadgets that speed up the process and make my life so much easier. My boyfriend isn’t so happy about the new things that keep popping up in our kitchen but I’m secretly ecstatic every time I make a new discovery. And it’s not a bad purchase if you use it all the time…right?

I now have a bunch of new silicone spatulas, a shiny new garlic press, a blender, and my favorite – the Cuisinart food processor. This thing is amazing! I always thought a food processor was one of those unnecessary items that only chefs or rich people had – who needs a machine to chop food when you can do it by hand or use a blender? However, I’ve learned since then that a food processor does way more than a blender – I can chop, mince, shred, grate, and even mix the dough.

The thing about food processors is that in order to use all of those functions? You need all the different parts. That was the one thing I didn’t realize when I bought my Cuisinart. My original set came with the basic set of blades, plastic bowl body, and lid. As I began to incorporate my new device into my recipes more, I was a bit limited. I like to cook and meal prep in batches so I don’t have so much cleanup and cooking to do throughout the week. There’s nothing better than being able to just pop a ready-made meal into the microwave and only clean one dish.

The default bowl that comes with the Cuisinart food processor is a good size to start with if you’re just learning, but I needed something bigger and more substantial.

So I took to the web to find myself some Cuisinart food processor parts.

Lucky for me, after a quick search I stumbled across Kitchen Works Inc. They had a variety of expanded bowls and body containers so I could choose the correct ones for my needs, so I was finally able to make that ceviche I’ve been wanting to try without having to do it in separate batches!

Unluckily for my boyfriend (who is still not pleased with my steadily growing assortment of kitchen items), I was also able to pick out some new blades from my Cuisinart as well! I got a medium shredder that’s perfect for shredding carrots for salads and a french fry disc blade so I can minimize those fast food cravings and make my own healthier options at home. He may not realize it, but we’ve both benefited from my Kitchen Works Inc discoveries – he is eating the food I make after all. I certainly haven’t heard him complaining about that!