3 Ways Not Outsourcing Your IT May be Holding You Back

If you have a business and you have extensive IT resources, you might think that going with an in-house crew is the best way to go. Your current people may not have told you this, but they might be overworked and in their heads right now. You may also not know whether they’ll be able to deal with growing needs if you decide to expand. These are just two of the ways managing your own team may be an issue for your company. Let’s take a look at a few other ways not outsourcing your IT may be holding you back.

You’re Spending Too Much Money

If you’re hiring people in-house, there’s a good chance that you are not employing them completely. There will be downtimes and times when they have to put out fires or perform routine tasks. In between that, you will have to keep them busy. This is when business owners start to get creative and assign IT, workers, to unnecessary tasks or those they shouldn’t be performing.

With a managed IT team, you pay through a contract and know how much value you’re getting from it. You can calculate how much work needs to be done, and negotiate a contract based on that. No having to pay workers to twiddle their thumbs and no having to think about paying overtime or extra for having them come in outside of their shifts.

You’re Struggling with Compliance

Every year it seems new data protection rules are introduced at the national, state, and even international levels. These are warranted since data breaches are a very real and serious issue. But if you’re unfamiliar with IT in general and you don’t have someone who can perform full audits while constantly being abreast of the most recent regulation changes, you will eventually deal with compliance issues.

This isn’t something you’ll have to worry about when working with an outsourced service. It is their responsibility to know these rules and they will be accountable in case they miss something. They have all the resources in-house to perform quick audits with accurate results.

You’re More at Risk of Getting Attacked

Not having a true IT team taking care of cybersecurity ultimately means that you are more vulnerable to attacks. Not only that, but each attack will be more disastrous and crippling. This is especially important if you decide to go remote. Then, the devices your employees carry can become a portal to your internal network and everything that’s in it. You also have to deal with very complex threats like social engineering. An outsourced team will be able to give you the real-time monitoring, backup, and restoration capabilities you need to keep your networks safe and business running at a manageable cost.

If you haven’t made the jump to outsourcing, you should consider doing it right away if you’ve noticed any issues. These could become much bigger in the future, and turn into a real threat to your business.