5 summer accessories every man needs

We are right in the middle of summer, and since the temperatures are only getting higher by each day, for many of us it gets harder to wear stylish clothes that won’t make us feel too hot. This is when accessories come in handy, as even the most basic look can become fashionable when combined with the right ones. Here are 5 accessories that shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe during these hot months.


The sunglasses are one of those rare accessories that are both beautiful and practical. Apart from making any outfit look better and more elevated, they also have the very important role of protecting your eyes and eye area from ultraviolet radiation, thus preventing you from any vision problems or premature wrinkles. If it’s your first pair that you need to buy, get something classic and neutral, like black Aviators, but if you already have all the essentials in your collection, it is the perfect time to experiment with colorful lenses and different designs.


Just like the sunglasses, the right cap not only makes you look good but also protects you from sun damage. A baseball cap is great if your style is more on sporty style, while other options, such as a tweed or patchwork Irish cap would suit you better if you’re going for a more formal and elegant look. The latter became increasingly popular in the last decade since the airing of the Peaky Blinders series, so you should definitely purchase an Irish flat cap if you want to create outfits inspired by the Shelby family this summer.

Summer shoes

A pair of high-quality summer shoes is something that you should definitely invest in this summer if you haven’t done it yet in the previous years. Thankfully you have lots of options both in the mass market and higher-end stores so that you can find something regardless of your budget. Make sure the shoes that you choose are comfortable and versatile. This way you can wear them for any occasion and especially during your summer trips when you need to pack lightly.


A black leather belt is a must-have in any gentleman’s wardrobe, but just like the sunglasses, if you already own it then you have the ground to try out other fabrics and textures. A braided belt made of canvas or cotton sure won’t be the greatest choice for your working suit, but it can be just the right thing to wear with some cotton shorts when on a vacation for an effortless, but put-together outfit. When it comes to the color, a neutral beige or black is the safest choice, but other hues such as deep blue, green, or red are much more interesting to experiment with.


The times when bracelets and pendants were considered to be strictly women’s accessories have thankfully long passed and every man can now express his individuality through the jewelry that he is wearing. Whether we’re talking about necklaces made of gold or silver or fun beaded or leather bracelets, this summer it is a must to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Explore your fashion taste, create colorful outfits, and try out all sorts of new combinations with these summer accessories.